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Welcome to Kingdom Property Management

The Driveway Sealing Specialists

Since opening in 2018, Kingdom Property Management has been proud to serve the Ontario community. We’re committed to not only providing quality products and services, but going above and beyond to ensure our customers are completely satisfied. We welcome you to look through our site to see all we have to offer.

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More About Kingdom Property Management

How We Got Here

Since opening in 2018, we have become masters of our craft. Our commitment to quality and exceptional services along with our incomparable customer care keep our community coming back again and again. We never stop improving, and will continue to expand our offerings and services based on how we can best serve the community. Get in touch with us today to learn how Kingdom Property Management can help you and your neighbours. 

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Kingdom Property Management Services

Exceeding Your Expectations

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

Call or text us today at 289-423-3003 or book your appointment online. Unless you are paying online all appointments will be followed up with a brief phone call within a few hours to discuss pricing. If you would rather wait until we are working in your area someone should definitely be giving you a knock at the door but it’s always best to book just in case we don't make it to your area in time. When it comes to all of our services, you can count on us to take care of your every need. We pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service, and guarantee you’ll love working with our team. Let us know how we can assist you today.


Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

Next Level Service

We want all of our customers to experience the impressive level of professionalism when working with Kingdom Property Management. All of our services, especially driveway sealing and asphalt repair, exist to make your life easier and stress free. You can trust us to supply you with the best products, as well as top quality customer service.


Why Choose Driveway Sealing?

Don’t wait until it’s time to replace. Stay protected, Save money!

This is one of our most popular services available. It’s made a big difference for many of our customers, and is provided with the highest level of excellence. With this service, we ensure your driveway will lasts many, many more years to come. Without driveway sealing your driveway becomes more susceptible to damage mainly by water during the winter. This is the major reason cracks start to form on your driveway. During the winter, water freezes and expands within the asphalt driveway creating surface or even foundational cracks. Before sealing your driveway we fill in any foundational cracks that have started to form as well as give you a 2 year guarantee that no further damage will occur. We also do asphalt repair and garage ramps at an additional cost if needed. Whenever you work with Kingdom Property Management, you can trust that you’re in great hands.

Want to learn more about our services? Have a quick question? Contact us today.

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Hours Of Operation

Call Us Anytime, Everyday!

We are always working from the months of May to September so long as there isn’t any rain falling. No need to worry about a thing just give us a call and we can squeeze you in as soon as possible. 

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Get in Touch

Kingdom Property Management is committed to exceeding your needs. Questions, comments or special requests? We’d love to hear from you, so don’t hesitate to reach out today.

Ontario, Canada


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